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what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?


I shipped Ty and Vaal together before but now because of you, I am shipping it harder than ever.
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(Time to restart the timeline.)


who needs friends when you have fast wifi

Ty/Vaal cause I still think that'll fly
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NSFW Ship Meme (Also what the hell they haven’t even talked yet. I haven’t thought this through much yo)

I’ll just say that Hero/Vaal is one of the ships that I will sail on through a storm but Ty/Vaal is kinda weird. Since Ty a lot younger than Vaal and I see their interactions in the future as Ty just wanting to straight up punch her fist through his face. Not in the playful way that she threatens with Drakath cause she wants to touch his face. Ty just wants to break Vaal’s nose straight up (She does not appreciate the word flunky at all considering backstory). She also hates beards. On Vaal’s end, it could go either way. He could also not like Ty at all or screw around with her the same way she did with Drakath. It’s still up in the air cause the Ravenloss saga for DE is far off and I worked more on the other character’s relationships with Ty more than him because he doesn’t show up for very long.

Who is louder? Vaal definitely. Ty would try really hard to be silent and Vaal would notice so he would go at her really hard and really loudly and once she reaches breaking point, Ty would be almost as loud as Vaal.

Who is more experimental? With these two, I can’t see either of them being experimental. It’s more of a fuck and leave sort of thing but Ty would eventually try and find ways to frustrate the hell out of Vaal. Surprise chains and ropes would be involved. And then Vaal would start on that too in revenge.

Who takes more risks? Vaal. Ty doesn’t want anyone to know about this so he’ll go out of his way to go as dangerously as possible to piss her off.

Do they fuck or make love? Mostly hard mindless fucking but the love making could happen if both are feeling particularly sentimental or sullen.

Lights on or off? Ty wants the lights to be off at all times to make it easier so Vaal would want the opposite to, once again, piss her off and see her face.

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating? Vaal. I’ve mentioned it before that Ty was good at hiding it since she lived in a full house but it really freaks her out when she catches Vaal. She’ll go red faced and try to jump out a window and he’ll get mad and drag her back and later go out of his way to make Ty uncomfortable, hot, and bothered. It would make her extra careful when she needs to open a door. 

Who comes first? Ty. She has way less experience with that sort of thing and Vaal knows she’ll never let him hear the end of it if he runs out of gas midway.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Ty is really good at oral and Vaal was really surprised but also thought it was frikking awesome. He definitely prefers it more but if he finds out that Ty gets really shy about people giving her oral, Vaal will go for it.

Who is more submissive? Both are going to fight over it and it’s going to look violent and like their fighting or something but Ty would get tired of it first, I think.

Who usually initiates things? Vaal almost all the time with Ty occasionally when she’s really frustrated with something. I find that Vaal would find much entertainment in rattling Ty to breaking point.

Who is more sensitive? Ty since she’s a lot younger with less experience. The beard doesn’t really help either.

And after all of that, I sorta ship it now…Shit.



When you say the English title of an anime and someone condescendingly corrects you with the Japanese title.




NSWF Ship Meme (That I did not expect with this threesome wow I think it’s really cute)

Who is louder? I still think it would be Drakath and he’d be way louder since Robina and Ty are double teaming him and both the ladies get really into it when his screams turns into whimpering.

Who is more experimental? This time I’d say Robina would be more creative about this than Ty. This took a lot of thinking and debate (I am a pure angel btw)

Who takes more risks? Still Ty. Most of the time it would scare Drakath but Robina would immediately jump on the boat with Ty and they’d both drag Drakath in.

Do they fuck or make love? Both depending on the situation and sometimes at the same time. They take turns on who gets to be in the middle and it starts off all cutsy but then gets really intense.

Lights on or off? I don’t see anyone caring about the lights on or off. 

Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?  Still Drakath for the same reason as before. Ty lived in a house with twelve other people; she’s really good at it and I think Robina would be the same with her family around.

Who comes first? Ty I think since she’s younger than the other two and hasn’t been screwing around for a while but after some time, Drakath’s the one’s who’s going to get tired out first.

Who is better at oral and who prefers it? Ty is really good at oral and Drakath and Robina love it equally and like the last ask, Ty’s still a bit freaked out by anyone going down there on her but Robina starts easing her into it. I think Drakath would really like watching.

Who is more submissive? Drakath’s the most, followed by Ty, and sometimes Robina gets that way. 

Who usually initiates things? Ty and Drakath start it off equally as much but Ty is a bit shyer when it comes to Robina. Though I see Robina as being really smooth about initiating and the other two love it.

Who is more sensitive? Ty at first but when they start getting into it frequently, it’s Drakath.

Oh and as a side note, Robina wouldn’t start frick fracken till later and would stop Drakath and Ty from too. Why? Well…

Robina: Ty, how old are you?

Ty: Sixteen

Robina: *Proceeds to stick an arrow in Drakath’s balls*


that one fictional character you ship with six other characters